What is shiatsu?

Shiatsu is a form of treatment originating in Japan. It's based on a traditional form of massage called Anma married with the chinese traditional meridian system. Shiatsu literally means fingerpressure and is a unique and refined system that aims at recreating flow and making energy move, where it is stagnant. So more than just fixing a symptom, which is the visible part of the picture, it aims at recreating flow and thereby balance.              

What can we heal?: 
Shiatsu is a great method for healing symptoms of stress and fatigue in muscles, tendons, joints and inner organs, but also mental and emotional stress and fatigue. Often times we discover that our symptoms are only the tip of the iceberg, and when what was hidden underneath surfaces, the symptoms lessen or sometimes even disappear completely. But as with all healing mostly it takes time, and it is a journey we undertake together.

I see myself as a guide into your inner landscape and I help you discover and feel and heal old wounds. Our holding patterns are a bit like crutches that support us; we don't want to kick them away, but rather tap into our hidden strength and build it up so that our crutches become superfluous. 

The method: 
is calm and respectful, firm and loving. Shiatsu uses pressure on points and connecting within and between meridians, that are much like rivers in the body, creating a greater sense of being at home in ourselves. Being body, rather than having body. Sometimes I use meridianstretches that increase flexibility and movement, much like yoga, but having it done to you. Aiding a journey inward to reconnect to forgotten places inside us.

The effect: 
A better contact to and ease in mindbody awareness. A deeply calming feeling of coming home to the body. And with that, because body, mind and emotion is not separate, a sense of connection to our basic innate physical, emotional and mental strength and ressources. With that follows an easing of patterns of tension, physical, emotional and mental holding patterns. First of all bringing them into the light and with that, like an old sore that is being aired, healing.
You will feel calmer, yet more vibrant and alive. 


What to expect


The treatment takes about 60 minutes, and you are fully clothed. Wearing comfortable clothes, like jogging clothes or yoga clothes is a good idea.


Shiatsu is traditionally practiced on a futonmattress on the floor so that the giver can use his or her weight in the stretches and you as a receiver benefit from the calming effect of lying on the ground. 

First time you come to me I will ask you a bit about your immediate symptoms, your life and your habits to assess where your unbalance comes from and how I can aid you best.

This may include giving you excercises to do at home or meditation and awareness practices.

There is always time for a talk about what is happening in your life and what might surface during and after the treatment.

Price: 60 minutes costs 500 kr. 


You find me at Det Åbne Rum in Østbanegade 13, Kbh. Ø.

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