You are already perfect!

A felt sense of connection and belonging...

My aim as a teacher is to create an environment where my students can let down their defenses enough to be able to listen. A teaching space for me means a safe holding space where we can begin to go inwards and explore our inner landscape.

If we push ourselves, we can not truly discover what stresses us, when our patterns of tension are triggered, and how that feels. The idea is to know that you as a student have a choice, so that you feel autonomus and can start to connect to and awaken your resources and core strength. In my view this does not happen if we are pre-occupied with getting it "right".


I often remind my students (and myself) that practice is not about being perfect, it is about being present with what is.


So I try to invite a relaxed discipline, laughter, exploration, seriousness ( I may actually talk about death) and a deep felt sense of being held in a kind space.

My asana classes tend to be equal parts exploration of the physical realm, the mind and some philosophical/spiritual aspect of our lives. But in a very down to earth and practical way. How we can apply what we discover on the mat in the rest of our lives.


I am precise in guiding the poses to make the practice as safe as possible, but I look to help you feel the body move as a whole, rather than picking apart your body in bits. I try to keep it simple, so you can relax and enjoy the being of the process. 


I try to use language to glue back together our experience of our body as a whole, rather than segmented and separated. A feeling of being a body rather than having a body. 


Finally: Although we have many of the same patterns of tension, holding patterns that we have learned for survival, but that are like old worn shoes, that don't really protect us anymore, although they feel familiar and secure, we are also all unique. 


I try to see you and help you to unfold, to adjust poses according to your needs and in every way to make you feel okay with being who you are and how you are in all your wonderful perfect imperfection.



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Irene Eisler

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