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Born in 1965 I have 30 years of experience with different types of bodywork. 
My babysteps were taken with dance training and acrobatics. Then for 5 years my passion was aikido and iaido, the art of the sword, untill I stumbled across yoga in 1993.


My formal teachers training was taken with Eva Westhoff, a two year course, ending with a certification to teach in 1998.

I have been teaching ever since.

I supplemented it with an ashtanga vinyasa teacher training in Colorado with Richard Freeman in 2007 after having practiced ashtanga yoga vinyasa yoga at home for ten years. In that period of time I went to countless workshops with renowned teachers in and out of the ashtanga community.

Several serious injuries made me change tracks and today my approach to yoga is softer and first of all grounded in a sense of creating an atmosphere of kindness and love where I invite my students on an exploration into the body. Language is important to me and I explore the field of poetic embodiment. Language has the power to close us down, to divide, to judge, to single out what can't be singled out. But there is a path where language becomes an invitation to open up our connective tissue and to feel the fluidity of body and movement. A fluidity that I believe is natural to us, and that gives us a sense of ease and joy. But also to explore how we can accept challenge in that field to start to more clearly see when we tighten and hold too hard and when we collapse and give up. 

There is no perfect place to be, no perfect end place, no perfect body. We fall into and out of place, continuously. All we can do is learn to more gracefully fall flat on our faces. Accept our downfalls and our victories without getting (too) attached to the goal. 

Yoga is an invitation to feel the earth under our feet. To ground and to open up.
It is my joy to invite you to explore this field with me. To nurture this common ground.


I love being in nature and spend as much time as I can hiking, running in the woods, swimming in the sea, Connecting to the feeling of belonging on this living earth, on this planet. The more I get to know my body and care for it, the more I care for this beautiful world that we are all part of.


After having lived 14 years in the countryside on an island in Denmark, nurturing a family and a garden, while working as a yogateacher and translater, I moved to Sweden four years ago. I have a made a life here with my partner and my 18 year old son. 


I am in the process of studying to become a gestalt psychotherapist, a 4-5 year long training programme in Denmark. 

A way of deepening my inquiry into the human mind and body and our relationship with the world and to tie the ends of the different threads of my lifelong practice together.

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